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Safety helmet with Mips technology

CENTURION SAFETY Products is thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement to its flagship safety helmet.


Following on from the introduction of Mips technology inside its premium Nexus helmet 2020, the company has expanded its range with the Centurion Concept Safety Helmet, now featuring a Mips safety system, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to advancing workplace safety.

Mips technology is a revolutionary system designed to help reduce rotational motion transferred to the head during certain angled impacts. By incorporating Mips’ system into the Centurion Concept Safety Helmet, the company aims to provide an extra layer of safety to workers across various industries, reducing the risk of head injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

The Centurion Concept Safety Helmet with Mips technology is now available for order through authorised distributors. Organisations looking to elevate their safety standards and protect their workforce are encouraged to explore this cutting-edge solution.

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Safety helmet with Mips technology
Safety helmet with Mips technology
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