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Wellbeing at Whirlpool

SAFETY ROCKS was back at domestic appliance manufacturer Whirlpool in September delivering more Health Rocks wellbeing days.

Looking after employee wellbeing is a key factor in creating and maintaining a healthy and productive workplace. By investing in the wellbeing of your workforce, you’re actually investing in the success of your business. Safety Rocks’s Health Rocks days are designed to enable positive change: helping employees to learn more about themselves can lead to higher overall job satisfaction and improved productivity. 

Each wellbeing day is tailored to suit your organisation’s specific aims and needs and to empower employees with the tools and knowledge that will help them to improve their physical and mental health. The sessions are interactive and can include everything from exercise plans to injury prevention tips to personalised food diaries to acupuncture!

If your organisation could benefit from a bespoke, interactive wellbeing day, contact Safety Rocks on

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STOCK yoga wellness posture
STOCK yoga wellness posture
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