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How Brexit has impacted chemical safety legislation in 2021

Overview: This webinar provides a solid foundation of UK chemical safety legislation and the key legislative changes following Brexit. It is aimed at downstream users of substances.

You’ll also learn how to use digital tools to help you efficiently manage and apply the main chemical safety laws.

  • An overview of the current chemical safety legislation framework;
  • Key responsibilities on EHS personnel & companies and what you need to know and do;
  • Learn how to identify and apply appropriate measures in safety data sheets and exposure scenarios;
  • Main updates to chemical regulations in 2021 and how it has impacted downstream users and organisations;
  • How Brexit has impacted chemical safety including (CLP, REACH);
  • Impact on COSHH regulations
  • How to use digital chemical safety tools to meet legislation challenges and save time;
  • Q&A session to answer your queries.

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