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How Improving EHS & ESG Performance Can Drive Competitive Advantage: a discussion with Intelex

The one constant in EHS and ESG is change. Recent years have seen the world of EHS and ESG evolving rapidly and the time health and safety or environmental and sustainability was simply about meeting compliance requirements is long past.

 In 2023, the picture is both more complex and more interesting. Today’s forward-thinking organisations are exploring how EHS and ESG can help drive wider business results – results as varied as improving hiring and retention through to setting their brands apart in the eyes of customers; results that have a straight-line impact on market success. In Webinar, join Louise Ward, Safety and Sustainability Director from G&W UK and Europe, and Intelex’s Ben Henderson, lead product solutions consultant for EMEA, to learn more about:

  • How European businesses are expanding their focus
  • Where they are focusing their efforts
  • Where they are seeing success
  • What challenges they are wrestling with


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