Kelly Rose

YULEYS reusable overshoes in action

YULEYS® reusable overshoes offer the smartest and most affordable choice on the market. Easy to use, hands-free, slip-on and slip-off safety footwear protectors YULEYS® are uniquely designed to conveniently and quickly fit over safety footwear. They allow wearers to easily access clean environments without the need to remove their dirty footwear, protecting indoor flooring from outside dirt.


Users of YULEYS® are free to walk naturally and comfortably feeling confident their customers are more likely to refer their professional customer service to others. An environmentally friendly and cost conscious alternative to those currently using disposable shoe covers for each site visit, YULEYS® can easily be cleaned with warm water for years of use. YULEYS® solves the dilemma of keeping workers safe and customers happy. Wearing YULEYS® gives your company a more professional look and reputation and saves you money and hassles by preventing damage.

Company Info

Fortress Distribution

3-4 Mill Lane
Milton Keynes
MK15 0AJ

01908 676869

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